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Access transparency into your YouTube campaigns with visibility down to the individual video, before you buy. AI-generated and hand crafted contextually relevant video inventory to ensure brand safety and reduce wasted spend.

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We create category segments based on your campaign objectives

For each category segment, you will receive a .csv file which lists the metadata for each video (URL, publish date, channel, views, etc.) plus proprietary quality scoring

You apply individual video targeting within your existing Google Ads Manager and DV360 account – or we can do it for you!

We keep refreshing the video lists throughout the flight of the campaign

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Instant content collections. Real-time actionable insights.

The VuePlanner® platform comes loaded with hundreds of pre-built segments for seamless list development and campaign integration PLUS access to placement reporting.

We’ll even audit your past YouTube campaigns to show you how contextual targeting with VuePlanner could enhance  performance.

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What’s most important to you? Brand sustainability? Contextual Relevance? Or optimized efficiency? Let us show you how VuePlanner has your brand covered.

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